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Stain Removal & Spot Removal

If you have kids or pets eventually you are going to need to deal with stains on your carpet, rugs or furniture. Even if you don’t have children or animals roaming your home, stains are a part of life. When you come face-to-face with a tough stain in your carpet or upholstered furniture don’t worry, the pros at Captain Carpet Cleaners have just the solution for eliminating the staunchest of blemishes.

We have an answer to every type of cleaning duty that your business requires and we serve you with more than what you can expect.

A stain can be a real eyesore and can weigh on your mind, especially for those who take pride in and derive a lot of happiness from maintaining a clean, beautiful home. The best way to keep a stain from making itself a permanent resident on carpets and upholstered furniture is a speedy attack. The longer a stain sits the more likely it is to set in. When you spot a tough stain in your home, give Captain Carpet Cleaners a call to knock it out.

Captain Carpet Cleaners professional can help get out the toughest stains including ones that other cleaning companies won’t touch, such as:
Food stains (chocolate, jelly, ketchup)
Pet Accidents
Dirt and Mud
Tomato Juice, Soda, Kool-Aid
And many more!

What’s the Difference between a Spot and a Stain?

The difference between a spot and a stain is about 24 hours. Treated quickly, spots and spills are easier to clean. But if a spot sits and becomes a stain it will be more challenging to remove and more likely to become permanent.

Identify Your Stain

Whenever possible, ID your spot or stain before attempting to remove it. Different stains require different chemicals and removal processes so your success rate will be dependent on an accurate identification of your stain.

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